Heaven Fits Inside My Arms - POSTCARD

Heaven Fits Inside My Arms - POSTCARD


Printed by the artist in his studio.
In this ink and watercolor 4" x 6" postcard, David Brookton's hand written text, "Heaven Fits Inside My Arms," is overlaid with the Los Angeles city skyline.
Having lived in Hollywood Hills for 2.5 years, the artist closely identified with the skyline his apartment complex once overlooked.
The original painting was created as a dyptic alongside the "Hell Fits Inside My Mind".
Here text and color are used to signify warmth, comfort and bliss that the text associates with intimacy and romance.

The feeling of having the world inside your arms is presented in this postcard. A great gift for friends and loved ones, also looks wonderful in a matted frame.

Shipping is free. Comes in a clear protective sleeve mailed inside an envelope.

Questions? orders@davidbrookton.com

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